Damteo Burdock Tea 1.0g x 150T Korean Traditional Tea

Damteo Burdock Tea 1.0g x 150T

Refreshing and gentle burdock tea to enjoy casually
It is a burdock tea that contains the sweet and savory taste of burdock.
It is a clear and clean burdock tea with savory brown rice and Korean burdock.
Tea bags are automatically sealed and packaged to preserve the taste and aroma of tea for a long time.
Enjoy burdock tea that you can drink casually.
* Due to package renewal, you can receive the same product with different designs depending on the situation.
Please note when purchasing the product.

[How to drink deliciously]
Pour 1 teabag (1g) into a cup, then pour hot or cold water (approx. 100ml).
After 1-2 minutes, shake Taebaek several times, remove it, and serve.