[Daleaf] Chlorella Better Root Water Treatment 200ml For Extremely damaged hair Scalp Care


Chlorella Better Root Water Treatment 200ml

5 seconds completion, water glow hair
Extremely damaged hair intensive care, quick and easy with water formulation~
Intensive care of hair with scalp care.

Daliph Water Treatment is a liquid form that combines the advantages of cream
and water to deliver nutrition to the inside of damaged hair,
and the cream form that changes when reacted with water creates a protective layer on the hair,
adding shine to the hair with Daliph's unique technology.

-Helps alleviate hair loss symptoms
Main ingredients that help relieve hair loss symptoms such as niacinamide/dexpanthenol/salicylic acid
help to give volume and shine to weak and thin hair.
-Simultaneous scalp and hair care
A 2in 1 water treatment that cares for both hair shine
and scalp health by simply spraying and washing off
-Silicone free
It helps to improve the natural softness of the hair by moisturizing the hair with vegetable water.
-Low irritation test completed
-No added 20 worry ingredients

[How to use]

Remove the round lid that was closed at the time of packaging and replace it with the enclosed rotary lid.
Lockable after use by turning it left or right.
After shampooing and removing moisture, apply enough water treatment to the scalp and hair.
Massage the hair for about 5-8 seconds.
It absorbs nutrients deeply using the slight heat generated during friction.
Rinse with lukewarm water.
At this time, do not wash it off to the point where it is puffy, and rinse lightly 2-3 times.
* Due to the nature of raw materials, it may coagulate with cream time at low temperatures below room temperature.
This is a natural phenomenon caused by coagulation of concentrated protein components in the product,
and there is no problem with the product and function.
When this happens, leave it at room temperature for about 2 hours or leave it in lukewarm water to return to the liquid state.