[Daleaf] Berr Perfume Hair Essence Ylang Rose Scent 90ml

Berr Perfume Essence Ylang Rose Scent 90ml

Daleaf Galactomyces Barr Perfume Hair Essence
Perfume essence with rich fragrance

Subtle and attractive scent
Contains galactomises, contains lactobacillus aloe fermentation filtrate
No sticky moisture oil, even if applied frequently, the hair does not clump or sticky.
Contains amino acid complex
Low molecular hyaluronic acid
Low temperature fermentation, solid fermentation In order to protect the ingredients that are good for the skin,
it maintains low temperature and lowers the amount of moisture to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth.

[How to use]
Hair nutrition that fills up as you apply
-After shampooing, dry the towel to the extent that it does not drip off.
-> Take an appropriate amount and apply the essence as if holding the damaged hair.
->After drying, apply oil to fix the hair.

It is recommended to use as much as 100 won coins as a standard for medium hair,
adjust it according to the condition of the hair, completely absorb it at the tip of the hair, and then use a hot air balloon.