[Daeshin Konjac] Dodam Rice Konjac Rice 150g x 5EA Instant Konjac Rice

[Daeshin Konjac]
Dodam Rice Konjac Rice 150g 

-Contain 17% dodam rice, strengthen resistance ingredients
-77kcal /100g ,43% down calories instead of rice
-Low sugar instant rice, sugar intake 46% down
-Enriched dietary fiber, satiety + bowel activity UP
Dodam rice konjac rice has a high content of amylose,
so its texture is a little bit softer and has a reddish color compared to regular rice rice.
This is a normal product characteristic, so you can eat it with confidence.
Dodam Rice Konjac Rice Composition: 73% domestic konjac rice + 17% Dodam rice + 10% rice
It is an innovative low-calorie rice that has significantly reduced intake calories even when eaten firmly.

[How to cook]
According to your preference,
it takes 2-3 minutes with microwave and 10 minutes of boiling water.