[Crazy Skin]Propolis Honeycomb Pore Pack Natural Soap x3EA Remove sebum Seven chemicals Excluded


Propolis Honeycomb Pore Pack to clean skin troubles

Remove sebum, skin damage is zero.

To clean your pores, clean your face first!

Not just soap, honeycomb pore pack
A set of 2 stone stones to face wash pack with rich foam simultaneously with face wash
Magic that cleans up all pores of waste, sebum and black head with amazing cleaning power!

Pore ​​Trouble?
Unwashed wastewater hides between the skin and causes pores and troubles.

Fine dust out with the power of powerful crazy skin pore pack!
Waste product out! We pull waste product out of skin!

Powerful crazy skin pore pack power filled with luxury ingredients.
Powerful crazy skin pore pack power increased pores care tightly.

Propolis Honeycomb Pore Pack contains 3,000mg of Propolis and contains Celamansi Extract of Centellaciatica and Vitamin King.
Crazy Skin Propolis Honeycomb Pore Pack.

All seven chemicals are excluded:
phenoxyethanol, triethanolamine, artificial flavor, animal oil,
artificial surface activator, mineral oil, paraben, phenoxyethanol, all free!

How to use
Use a cleansing foam net or product to make a sufficient foam and apply it evenly over your face,
then rub lightly with your fingertips and wash your face with lukewarm water.
Fine bubbles wash the waste between the skin without damaging the skin.

Tips for using natural soap

-Test for allergies! Please check all ingredients and use it safely
if there is no redness or itching after testing on the inside of the arm or chin.

-Please keep out of light.
When stored in a humid place, water droplets may form on the product,
which is a natural phenomenon that sodium hydroxide in soap comes into contact with moisture.

-Use a stand or holder.
Unlike general soap, it does not use hardener and is very weak against moisture.
So, use a soap base or soap holder with good water soak to dry it.

-Please use as soon as possible.
Since no preservatives are used, it is recommended to use it as soon as possible after purchase.
The shelf life is one year from the date of manufacture at room temperature.