[COSNORI] Whitening Dress Tone Up Whitening Cream 50ml Tone-up without staining


Whitening Dress Tone Up Whitening Cream 50ml

Reality correction tone-up that permeates the skin
-Gently adheres to moisture and instantly tone up
-24 hour tone-up effect confirmed clinically
-Gentle with natural ingredients and cherry tree
It contains 61% cherry blossom water instead of purified water
to brighten up the skin soft and moist.
-Brightening habit, whitening tone up cream
-Soft application that permeates the skin
A daily tone-up that is light like a feather that adheres thinly to the skin
without lifting evenly with a softness like lotion.
-Tone-up without staining
The non-sticky texture is moist and the finish is soft and fluffy,
maintaining a bright skin tone for a long time.
-Natural tone up
It rounds off all skin tones to match the user.
-A tone-up lasting ability that soaks into the skin and lasts all day
-Maintains lasting power even with sweat and moisture due to the waterproofing effect

[How to use]

Apply a small amount thinly and pat it on the desired skin for absorption.
Order of use: Skin Care-Sun Cream-Tone Up Cream
If you want brighter skin, pat a small amount once more.
Necks with different tones can be easily unified.
Wherever you want to tone up, light and gentle can be used.
* If the feeling of use with a soft finish is dry, use it with sufficient basic care and moisturizing puffs.
-As a whitening functional product, it can be used before going to bed.
-Men can also use.