Coreana Gungseolyeon Snail Cream 100ml Wrinkle improvement Moisturizing

Coreana Gungseolyeon Snail Cream 100ml

Contains 65% snail mucus filtrate
Contains adenosine
Soft cream texture
Subtle herbal scent

-Wrinkle trouble
The snail mucus filtrate component improves the forehead, which is easy to dry out,
and the fine lines around the eyes and mouth, making the skin alive.
-Dull skin tone
As it contains adenosine, it is good for whitening and wrinkle improvement of the skin,
and it delivers moisture and radiance to rough and dry areas.
-Skin elasticity
It keeps moisturizing and moisturizing skin that has become soft and loose,
making it healthy and elastic.
-Improve rough skin texture
It supplies moisture to sensitive and rough skin, making it smooth and shiny.
-Wrinkles around the eyes & mouth
It improves the wrinkles around the mouth and eyes,
where the skin is thin and tends to become dry, and makes the skin alive.
-Skin protection
It protects the skin irritated from the outside and gives it vitality.

[How to use]

After cleansing, clean up the skin with skin.
Take an appropriate amount of Gungseol Snail Cream at the last stage of skin care and put it on your skin.
Apply lightly on the entire face, spread evenly and let it absorb.