Anna Plus 4GF Triple Brightening WhiteTaning Cream 50ml pots Freckles Blemish Pigmentation

Anna Plus
Triple Brightening WhiteTaning Cream 50ml

Spots Freckles Blemish Pigmentation

Like being managed every day, special whitening management begins day by day!
*Strong whitening effect with glutathione, arbutin, and niacinamide ingredients
Complete white-ok skin like a celebrity with systematic 3-step whitening care and dual functions of wrinkles & whitening
* Contains baobab tree fruit extract to make the skin brighter and moist.
Galactomyces fermented filtrate, propolis extract, cinnamon extract, squalane, caviar extract,
magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, argan trikerne oil, potose oil, jojoba seed oil
* Make your skin more moist and healthy with carefully selected natural ingredients!
7 natural-derived complexes: fermented soybean, willow, broiler chicken, oregano, cypress, machihyeon, gold
Contains phytooligo
*4GF, a protein complex ingredient, and far-infrared rays give vitality and vitality to the skin for healthy skin!

[How to use]

Apply an appropriate amount on dry skin and areas you want to brighten in the morning and evening and apply evenly.
-When using as a sleeping pack: After gently cleansing with lukewarm water, apply white tanning cream a little thicker and fall asleep.
When you wake up, do not use foam cleansing and just wash your face with water.