Kyoho Jelly grape watermelon peach mango green grape-Korea jelly 180g (60gx3EA) x 2/4EA

Kyoho Jelly
Geobong /Green Grape/ Watermelon/ Peach / Mango Jelly
 Korea Jelly 180g (60gx3EA)

Korean jelly filled with fresh grape juice
This is Korea Kyoho Jelly with delicious jelly and fun to eat.
Flavor Type:Geobong/Green Grape/Peach/Mango/Gochang Watermelon

How to eat Kyoho Jelly

-Put Geobong jelly on a plate and poke it with a toothpick or pointed skewer to open the inner packaging.
-Divide the contents several times, excluding the bursting packaging, and eat.
*Infants and infants may suffocate at one time, so a guardian should cut them into small pieces.
* It is more delicious if eaten after refrigeration.