ENVITAL Lutein And Astaxanthin 400mg x 60Capsule(For 2Months) Help Eye Health Eye Fatigue


ENVITAL Lutein And Astaxanthin
400mg x 60Capsule

Marigold Flower Extract (Lutein),
Vitamin A, Hippocampus Extract (Astaxanthin), Zinc

Can help with eye health and eye fatigue

1 capsule per day (20mg of lutein, 5mg of astaxanthin, 210ug of vitamin A, 2.55mg of zinc)
+ Supplementary ingredients (Bilberry extract, terminator extract, goji berry extract, ginkgo biloba extract, tomato extract)

Use of patented vegetable capsule
Individual PTP packaging improves hygiene, safety and portability.

[Prepare before it's too late.]

-Those who can't release their smartphone
-Office workers who watch PC for a long time
-People with dark eyes due to aging
-Long-distance/long-time driving
-People with dark eyes
-People who have a lot of work in the dark

Take 1 capsule once a day with plenty of water.