[JoaGym] Extreme Fat Bar Adapter Manus Grip PRO (Advanced Version)


[Features of Product]

  • GROW STRONG ARM SIZE & STRENGTH - More muscle activation means bigger muscle and strength gained. MANUS Grip PRO helps you build strong arm and power by attaching to barbells, dumbbells, kettle bell, and cable handle by increasing their diameter.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - Do not have to buy another thick bar or other thick handle tools. This great value item even costs less then protein powder or supplement. Grab yours today!
  • BEST PERFORMANCE IN RECORD TIME - You do not have to spend many time to build up your arm, shoulder, or chest size. Manus Grip PRO will lead you into best effective exercise in record time.
  • PROFESSIONALS RECOMMENDED - Manus Grip PRO is being used many domestic and international athletes, arm wrestlers, weight trainers, strongman, and bodybuilder. It's time for you to join into thick bar training.
  • HIGH GRADE SILICONE MATERIAL - Silicone does not discolored or hardened over time, so you DO NOT need to replace it. It is permanent use and easy clean.


Product Name: Manus Grip PRO

Origin: South Korea

Ingredient: 100% High Grade Silicon Safe to Human

Colors: Iron Red

Weight: 800g (1Pair)

Length: Horizontal: 6.5cm / Vertical: 6.5cm / Height: 12.5cm

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