[Denucell] Extra Repair Regeneration Stem Cell Ampoule Mask 25g x5


Extra Repair Regeneration Stem Cell Ampoule Mask

Plump and loose skin. Rough and dry skin
Moisturizes and strengthens lost and rough skin!

* Soothing effect of skin sensitized by external stimulation
Snail mucus filtrate helps to soothe irritated skin from
external factors and protect skin from harmful environment.

*Intensive charge of nutrition and moisture

It contains callus shellfish extract and patented ingredient,
Amino Acid Complex, to replenish nutrients and moisture in rough and rough skin and prevent skin moisture loss.

* Elasticity care for wrinkled skin trouble
It contains 5 kinds of callus culture extract (vegetative stem cells) and
adenosine to manage the skin with reduced elasticity as strong and firm skin.

*2in 1

While providing elasticity management, it helps improve skin tone by containing niacinamide,
an ingredient announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.