Copy of Cheonho Encare Deer Antler Red Ginseng Gin 10ml x 60 Packs

Noksibcho care Life Health
Aloe Vera Gel Mango Flavor
20ml x 15 Packs

- Aloe (aloe vera gel juice) content 1000%
Contains 10-fold concentrated aloe as it is.
- It can help improve intestinal health, immunity, and skin health.
-Contains 100mg of immune polysaccharide
- With a refreshing mango flavor, it can be enjoyed by children,
teenagers, and those who are new to aloe.
-Additional ingredients: Mango concentrate, Garcinia cambogia extract,
21 mixed lactic acid bacteria, hyaluronic acid, plum concentrate powder,
fructooligosaccharide, vitamin C, xylitol
-Easy to carry stick-for-type

[How to take]
Take 1 sachet, once a day, before or after meals.
*Aloe Vera Gel Mango Flavor is always refrigerated and eaten,
so you can enjoy the freshness and sourness of aloe even more.