Bring Green Artemisia mugwort Calming Moisture / Water Cream 75mL


Bring Green
Artemisia mugwort Calming Water Cream 75mL

- Cool and moist moisturizing soothing cream for sensitive skin
It calms sensitive skin with 54% wormwood extract and Centella asiatica extract,
and contains 5 types of hyaluronic acid to fill the skin with moisture to make the skin moist that does not dry out.

- Refreshing with a refreshing feeling, soothing gel texture
A low-viscosity gel-type formulation that is as cool as water bursting upon contact with the skin provides a refreshing refreshing effect to the skin.

-Slightly acidic cream that balances skin oil and moisture
The weakly acidic formula cares for the skin's pH,
strengthening the skin's natural strength and balancing the oil and moisture.

- A day cream that doesn't push makeup, and a sleeping pack before going to bed.
- Subtle mugwort scent that rises pleasantly the more you apply it

[How to use]

At the last stage of basic skincare, take an appropriate amount and gently spread it from the inside to the outside of the face,
then gently wrap it for absorption.