[ACHIM]Ready-to-eat chicken breast cubes (Cheongyang pepper flavor / original flavor) 100g x 5/10EA

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chicken breast cubes  100g
(Cheongyang red pepper flavor / original flavor)
Store at room temperature

The patented sterilization technology allows storage at room temperature with a long shelf life of 6 months!
You can eat it right away without separate cold or thaw.

Chicken breast cubes steamed at high pressure only with the moisture contained in the raw materials.
The moisture of the chicken breast is preserved as it is, so you can immediately feel the moisture as soon as it is opened.
Healthy chickens raised in a pollution-free natural environment are carefully selected
and manufactured safely and freshly using high-quality raw materials.

Cheongyang red pepper taste: You can feel the spicy taste of cheongyang red pepper.
Original taste: It is seasoned with rib flavor, so you can enjoy it easily without any fishy smell.

Please use it in various recipes.
You can eat it right away or use it as a chicken breast sandwich or chicken breast salad with various vegetables.