Centellian 24 Tension Up Microbiome Elastic Ampoule 7mlX5EA +Opener

Centelian 24 Tension Up Microbiome Ampoule

-Elastic microbiome
-Containing active ingredients of about 77.1 billion elastic biome / 1 bottle
-Helps to recover skin elasticity and improve triple elasticity
-Helps to improve skin microbiome
-Helps increase the expression level of 5 skin components
(Collagen, fibrillin, elastin, hyaluronic acid, ceramide)
-Check the reduction of harmful elements present in the skin by using the ampoule alone!

[How to use]
After removing the cap, insert the cone cap into the vial.
Before use, shake the contents to clam the biom ball,
then lightly press both sides of the dropper of the goka cap to adjust the amount of the contents evenly on the skin for absorption.