[Cook shop] Mini Square Household Pork Belly Meat Fire Plate

Mini Square Household Pork Belly Meat Bulpan

This is a specially made mini meat grill.
This is a single-sized samgyeopsal bulpan for one person.
Perfect size, thickness and design.

Outer width x length
19 x 25cm
Inside width x length
15 x 21 cm

Because the height of the fixing groove on the floor is different,
it is made with a slope to make it easier to flow down when oil is discharged!

There is an eave at the spout of the oil to prevent oil from flowing through the fire plate.
Powerful 5-layer coating marble (surface slip layer, scratch and abrasion prevention layer,
high strength coating layer, coating adhesive reinforcement layer, corrosion protection layer)

Compatible with general gas stove