COMWOOD Dust Roller D130 (Color random delivery)

COMWOOD Dust Roller D130
(Color random delivery)

It is a mini dust brush with excellent portability with a lightweight and compact design that can be used repeatedly,
not the conventional disposable dust remover.
It is a product that can easily remove various kinds of dust/hair/pet hair, and it is easy to clean and manage the dust remover.
Dust, hair, lint, and pet hair can be easily removed by rubbing the area where it will be used.
It can be used semi-permanently with a bristle brush, and dust, hair, lint, pet hair,
and various foreign substances can be removed without damaging the product during use.

[How to use]
Rotate it so that the dust brush comes out.
Swipe in one direction to remove dust and foreign matter.
After removing dust and foreign matter, rotate the cover counterclockwise.
Repeat several times until the dust adhering to the brush is removed.
Press the top of the dust cover to open it with a click sound.
Remove the dust by pulling the cover lid and insert it again.