Coms NaVee Automatic Coffee Mixer Cafe Mix / Instant Coffee Stirring machine NV22


Coffee Stirring machine NV22

A daily necessity that puts a cup of coffee and water on the cafe mix
and rotates for 5 seconds at the touch of a button to create a delicious peel.

Enjoy instant coffee and tea with just one button.
Rotation stops automatically after 5 seconds, so there is no need to keep pressing the button.
Two AA batteries can operate 10,000 times.
Be sure to take it with you when you go camping or fishing.

[How to use]

-Pour mixed coffee into a paper cup and pour hot water (above 85℃) into about 2/3 of the cup.
At this time, if you put more than 2/3 of water in it, the hot water may overflow and be dangerous.
-Put a paper cup containing water and coffee mix on the rotating plate of Cafe Mix.
-If you press the rotary switch, the cup rotates for 5 seconds and the coffee mixes with water.
After the rotation stops, you can lift the cup and drink coffee.
*Be careful as the water is hot.