[Commanine] Calamansi Acne Relief Functional Body Cleanser 500g Remove Waste Moist Body,Smooth Skin


Calamansi Acne Relief Functional Body Cleanser 500g

Remove waste, moist body, smooth skin, relieve acne skin!

Vitamin shower body cleanser
AC Calming Body Cleanser
A functional cleanser that effectively cares for dead skin cells and
skin impurities with a naturally derived surfactant for a soft and smooth body and skin!

Body trouble care

Problem skin, what is the reason?
-Stimulation of sebaceous glands due to various environmental factors
-Problems caused by clogging pores due to excessive sebum secretion
-Aggravated skin troubles

5 points
-Reported by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, functional cleanser to relieve acne
-Improvement of dead skin cells by salicylic acid, sebum care
-Plenty of soothing ingredients such as Eoseongcho extract and Centella asiatica extract
-Residual chlorine care effect due to calamansi
-Prescription of naturally derived surfactants for sensitive skin

[Recommended for these people.]

-People who are sensitive to excessive secretion of blood in the chest, back, and neck
-Those who are dry on the body
-Odoltodol Those who are worried about the rough skin texture
-Those who are concerned about skin irritated by harmful environments