[Comma Nine] Artichoke Extract Powder 1g x 28 Packs 1Box Dietary Fiber Powder


Comma Nine
Artichoke Extract Powder 1g x 28 Packs

Healthy skin and healthy beauty are from the improvement of the constitution.

100% artichoke extract powder from Spain
Top 100 Antioxidant Foods-Artichoke
Contains twice as much dietary fiber as apples
Contains twice as much magnesium as avocado
Contains bioactive substance Cynarin
Remove all metallic substances, tar, lead, pigments, and synthetic additives
All the leaves were extracted.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who want to improve their constitution
-Those who need health care
-Those with irregular diet
-Those who eat out frequently
-Those who want a light breakfast

[How to take]
-Put 1 packet of artichoke in 500ml~1L of water or milk.
-Mix 1 packet of artichoke with convenience foods such as yogurt and salad.

Can be consumed from 3 years of age or older.