Cledbel Glow Mooltok Moisturizing Cream 30ml SPF 50+/PA++++ Lifting / Elasticity Season 2


Cledbel Glow Mooltok Moisturizing Cream 30ml 


Easily end from basic to makeup in one!

Moisture serum, lifting ampoule, collagen cream, sun cream, tone up cream
All this is a water-flushing cream with a rose-colored shine skin!

It contains hydrolyzed collagen extract to help shine on the skin,
and contains damask rose flower extract to create a vibrant, naturally glowing pink skin.

* Skin care ingredient NO! No 6 parabens added!
* UV protection index SPF 50+/PA++++
*Contains 100 elements of lifting ampoule
* Helps to cover red/yellow/dull tone by tone cover
*Formation that bursts when rubbed by hand

Step 1: When applied, the fine water droplets meet the skin with a water drop,
water drop method, transforming into fine water droplets, and lightly covered.
Step 2: Settle for your skin! stick! Fine water droplets settle on the skin for moisture!
Step 3: Double moisturizing care on the inside and outside of the skin!
Water Talk Complex (hyaluronic acid + peptide protein) moisturizes and vitalizes the skin!

[How to use]
At the final stage of skin care,
take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over the entire face, then pat it gently for absorption.