[Clairement] Microbiome Repairing Velvet Cream 50g

Microbiome Repairing Velvet Cream 50g

* Real moisturizing from the outside to the inside with the water holding method
Daily real moisturizing care that fills you up from the outside to the inside without stickiness.
* Strengthen skin barrier
B-SILK PROTEIN and Ceramind NP meet to form a skin protective film,
not only moisturizing but also upgrading the skin barrier strengthening effect
* Allergen-free fragrance prescription
Use of 26 allergen-free fragrances announced by SCCNEP
* It has a non-sticky texture like velvet, so it is light enough not to be pushed, but it is lightweight enough to dry quickly.

[How to use]

Sleeping Pack: Before going to sleep, apply a sufficient amount than usual to comfortably wrap the skin while sleeping,
providing moisture without dryness, and keratin care is also possible.

Luminous makeup:
If you want to bring out the natural radiance of your skin,
mix and apply velvet cream and foundation in a 1:2 ratio to create smooth, soft skin with a soft glow.

Hair moisturizing care :
Apply a small amount to the ends of split hair to prevent dryness and calmly organize your hair!