CJ Korean Food Beksul Spicy Sauce of Braised Chichen 490g x2EA


Spicy Sauce of Braised Chichen 490g

-The secret of the original taste!
-Korean apples and pears are used

[How to cook]

Based on 1 kg of chicken, Baeksul Dakbokkeumtang seasoning 290g,
water 800g, potatoes 150g, carrots 100g, onions 50g, green onions 30g

Blanch the blood-removed chicken in boiling water for 5 minutes, then cool in cold water to prepare.

Add the prepared chicken, Beksul chicken stir-fry sauce, potatoes, carrots, and water,
and boil it with the lid open. Boil it over high heat for 30 minutes, then add onions and green onions to finish.
* If you add sesame leaves, you can enjoy it even more deliciously.