CJ Korean Food Beksul Sariwon Bulgogi Seasoning Marinade BBQ Sauce 290g x2EA

Beksul Sariwon Bulgogi Seasoning 290g

Premium bulgogi seasoning
It is seasoned with brewed soy sauce and 7 kinds of fruits and vegetables,
which are decoctioned No. 2, to make the taste of bulgogi soft and light.

[How to make delicious bulgogi]

Ingredients: Beef (for bulgogi) 600g, Sariwon bulgogi seasoning 180g, water 180ml, mushroom, green, red pepper appropriate amount
-Put thinly sliced meat, green/red pepper and mushrooms into a bowl and mix with 180g of bulgogi seasoning.
-The tossed meat is not marinated, but immediately stir-fry with green/red pepper.
*To enjoy the hot pot style, stir-fry the meat, add 180ml of water, and boil the broth.