CJ Dadam Meat House Miso Stew Seasoning 130g x 3EA

Dadam Meat House Miso Stew Seasoning 130g

Full of flavor with Haechandle Meju Miso
Stored at room temperature easily anytime, anywhere
Various dishes that can be enjoyed with only simple ingredients
Depending on your preference, add marbled gourd or chili pepper to enjoy more deliciously.

[How to cook]
Ingredients: 1/2 potato (60g), 1/3 green pumpkin (60g), 1/2 green tofu (90g),
1/4 onion (50g), 1 bag of Dadam meat pickled soybean paste sauce, 2 cups of water ( 400cc)
Tofu and onions are sized to be eaten, and zucchini and potatoes are cut flat.
Add the Dadam Gogijip Doenjang Jjigae seasoning and water and boil.
Add vegetables and tofu and simmer over high heat.
When it starts to boil, reduce to medium heat and boil for another 6 minutes to complete.