[Chungjungdam ] Enzyme Extract Bellflower Root Pear juice 80mL X 30 packets

Chung Jung Dam
enzyme extract bellflower root pear juice
80mL X 30 packets

Pear juice through enzyme extraction method, hot air-dried fine powdered bellflower whole!
Contains 1000mg bellflower powder
Pear Enzyme Extract Drain 98.75%, Bellflower Powder 1.25%
Drinking method
Drink it once or twice a day, after or between meals.
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight! Eat immediately after opening!

[Recommended for these people]

-Those who are looking for bellflower juice that you can trust and eat
-Those who feel frustrated with fine dust
-Those who have a bad mouth due to frequent smoking
-Those who care about health care during the season
-Those who want to take care of their health easily