ChongKunDang LactoJoy Gumi Jelly Mango Flavor 50g x 5/10EA With Lactic acid bacteria culture powder


Chong Kun Dang Health
Lacto Joy Gumi Jelly Mango Flavor_50g

Jelly containing delicious and healthy lactic acid bacteria culture powder
Lactojoy gummi jelly containing 10 billion lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum
It also contains fructooligosaccharide, which is food for lactobacilli.
When you want to take care of your gut health with sweet and sour taste,
When you need a healthy snack
When you need vitality in a lazy afternoon
When you need sugar charge after active exercise
It is a lactic acid bacteria jelly that can be enjoyed by adults, children and young and old.
It is made of a zipper bag, so it can be kept neatly even while ingested.
It is the size of finger food that is easy to eat with a bite.
0% fat, 0% trans fat, you can eat it casually.

[How to take]
If you like, you can consume the entire bag at a time like a snack.
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Lacto Joy Gumi Jelly Mango Peach Flavor_50g