[Chong Kun Dang]Kids Red Ginseng with antler extract Zinc 20g x30 EA For Junior(for 10-16 years old)

Chong Kun Dang Health
Junior Youth Children Red Ginseng 20ml x 30 Packs
(for 10-16 years old) Kids Junior

Health functional food for the nutritional balance of our child's immune protector-Kids Red Ginseng,
Junior Red Ginseng/

No synthetic flavoring, no coloring
Instead of purified water, more than 60% of New Zealand antler extract (solid content 0.1%) is used.
Strawberry concentrate (sub-ingredient), pear concentrate (sub-ingredient), etc.
are used to reduce the bitter taste of red ginseng, so you can enjoy it comfortably without feeling rejected.

It even contains zinc, which is necessary for normal cell division for growing adolescents.

Ingredients Name and Content: Red ginseng concentrate (6 years old, domestic, ginsenoside 7.0mg/g, solid content 60%) 5%, zinc gluconate, nicotinic acid amide, antler extract [solid content 0.1%, New Zealand product],
fructooligosaccharide, Specifications Honey (from Korea), strawberry concentrated fruit juice, amino acid mixture, etc.

Take 1 packet once a day.