[Chong Kun Dang] Wild Bee Propolis Plus 500mg x 60 capsules + contains zinc,Selenium 17mg flavonoids

Chong Kun Dang Health
Wild Bee Propolis Plus
500mg x 60 capsules 

*Contains Australian propolis and zinc (5.1mg) and selenium (55ug) necessary for normal immune function.
* Easy to keep healthy with 1 capsule per day.
* Easy-to-noise, simple capsule type, PTP packaging for oxidation prevention.

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who suffer from changing seasons or weather changes
-Those who are sensitive to the external environment during the changing season
-Those who want to keep their health during the seasons
-Those who need health promotion through antioxidant activity
-Those who want to get help with normal immune function
-Those who need antioxidant activity
-Modern people who want to protect their health from various pollution, free radicals, and harmful oxygen
Intake Method: Take once a day, 1 capsule at a time with enough water.