Chong Kun Dang Promega RTG Omega 3 Dual (520mg x 60EA) x 2EA

Chong Kun Dang
Promega Altage Omega 3 Dual
520mg x 60EA

* It can help improve blood circulation and improve blood triglycerides.
* It can help with eye health by improving dry eyes.
*Necessary to protect cells from harmful oxygen
-Easy to use with bioavailability due to high absorption rate in the body
-It is an enteric capsule that does not dissolve in the stomach and melts in the intestine, so it has less smell
-Simple intake of small capsules once a day
-Use of small fish with low heavy metal contamination
-EPA+DHA 600mg

[How to take]
Once a day, take 2 capsules at a time with enough water regardless of before or after meals.