Chong Kun Dang Bio + Eagle Beet Labivet Lactobacillus For dogs /cats 60g (2g x 30EA)

Chong Kun Dang Bio + Eagle Beet
Labivet Lactobacillus
60g (2g x 30EA)

Intestinal & skin functional lactobacillus
Why do pets need lactobacilli?
In the process of aging and the living environment of the companion animal,
harmful bacteria multiply and the beneficial bacteria decrease, resulting in weakened immunity,
but steady intake of lactic acid bacteria increases the beneficial bacteria and helps the companion animal's health and disease prevention.
-Helps intestinal health
-Immune function improvement
-Proliferation of beneficial bacteria
-Suppression of harmful bacteria
-Skin skin improvement
-2 billion CFU guaranteed
*Use of 100% hypoallergenic safe ingredients
-Four functional lactic acid bacteria
-Fish Collagen
-Fruit and vegetable mixed powder

[It's good if you feed your dog like this!]

With feed / with pretense / alone

Feeding amount by weight
1~20kg: 1 packet per day
20kg or more: 2 packets per day