[Cheonsimbon] Kids Red Ginseng (40 mL x 30EA) Ginsenoside 6mg,For children aged 3~13

[Cheonsimbon] Kids Red Ginseng
(40ml x 30EA) 

For children aged 3~13

Smart mothers' choice
-Kids red ginseng for children who lack basic physical strength or lack of immunity
-Contains 11 kinds of vitamins and minerals as auxiliary ingredients
Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, E, B6, C and calcium.
-Soft sweet taste that minimizes bitterness of red ginseng so that children can enjoy it
Strawberry concentrate, peach concentrate, pineapple concentrate, cherry concentrate, etc.
minimize the bitter taste of red ginseng and have a soft sweet taste that children can enjoy.
-You can take 6mg of ginsenoside with one packet per day.

[Recommended for these people.]
-Children starting group life
-Children who did not usually eat red ginseng or bitter food
-My child who is struggling with weak immunity, parents who want to grow up hard and strong
-Parents who want to cultivate lifelong physical strength for our children to play strong

Intake Method: Take once a day, 1 pack per time according to your drinking preferences.