[Cheonho Care] Daily Vitality Hunggae Hovenia dulcis Extract 70ml x 30 Pack

[Cheonho & Care]
Daily Vitality Hunggae Extract 70ml x 30 Pack

Hutgae for a quiet morning
If the next morning is difficult due to an inevitable dinner or a drinking party with friends,
replenish your vitality with Hutgae.
* It helps relieve hangovers before and after drinking alcohol using only dulcis.
*Contains Ssanghwa Concentrate
(Baekjak, Cheongung, Sukjihwang, Hwanggi, Licorice, and 4 other plant ingredients are strengthened to make the morning easier.)
*No addition of 3 ingredients-No added sugar, synthetic flavoring, and coloring

[Recommended for these people.]

-Office workers with frequent drinking and drinking parties
-Those who have a lot of overtime and are always tired
-Those who need quick hangover relief before and after drinking

[How to drink]
1~2 times a day, 1 pack at a time before and after meals.