[Cheongkwanjang] Korean Red Ginseng Vitality Ampoule health Drink 20ml x16/30Bottles

Vitality 20ml x 10 Bottles / 20ml x 30Bottles

This ampoule drink combines six-year-old red ginseng concentrate

with vegetable ingredients such as ginger, jujube, goji berry, Schisandra chinensis and Astragalus.

Intake, Intake and Cautions

* Always take 1 bottle 1 ampule after meal or between meals.

* Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight. After opening, consume immediately.

* Some deposits may occur due to plant components, but the quality of the product is not abnormal.

Raw material name and content

Purified water, red ginseng concentrate (6 years old, 60% solids, more than 70mg / g red ginseng component, domestic) 5%,

palatinose, isomaltoligosaccharide, jujube concentrate (ginger (domestic), jujube (domestic),

goji berry, Schisandra chinensis) , Taurine, vitamin C, citric acid, etc.


It can help to improve blood flow and memory through immunity improvement,

fatigue improvement and platelet aggregation inhibition.

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Vitality 20ml x10 Bottles

Lively (3.75g x 10 T)

Vitality-Ampoule health drink that contains vegetable raw materials and

vitamins in red ginseng concentrate


Even if you don't like bitter taste, you can enjoy the nutrition of red ginseng.

Intake Method

Once a day, once a day, chew slowly and eat it.

Storage method

Keep refrigerated, because it may harden, avoiding direct sunlight,

store at room temperature (15-30).

1Tablet : 3.75 g