[Cheongkwanjang]Alpha Project- Blood Circulation Sleep Eye Oral Joint Intestinal Health Support

Jeong Kwan-Jang Alpha Project

Joint Health 600mg 90 Tablets

For strong joint health and bone health!
Complex health functional food that can help joint and bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis
* Contains turmeric extract (thermacine)
*Vitamin D Ham
*Sub-materials: zinc, glucosamine, MSM (sulfur), magnesium,
shark cartilage, seaweed powder (calcium), manganese

[Recommended for these people.]
-You feel discomfort in joints such as knees, wrists, and waist.
-I am worried about my wrist due to long-term computer and smartphone use.
-He enjoys frequent joint exercise such as climbing, golf, and tennis.
-I usually wear high heels often and work.
-I am worried about my knee joints due to overweight.
-As I got older, my joints and bones became weaker.

[How to take]
-Once a day, take 3 tablets at a time with enough water.

Jeong Kwan-Jang Alpha Project

Oral Health 500mg x 60 Capsules (30g)

Oral antibacterial + normal immune function + antioxidant at once!
A complex solution that can take care of antibacterial, antioxidant,
and normal immune functions in the oral cavity of modern people who are sensitive to
external environments such as changing seasons and yellow dust.

* Green propolis in the highlands of Brazil over 800 meters above sea level!
*Chewable chewable capsule with oral antibacterial function
*Contains 100% of the daily intake of mineral zinc, which is necessary for normal immune function
*A solution with enhanced antibacterial and antioxidant functions in the oral cavity
Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Ginger Extract + Vitamin A

[Recommended for these people.]

-I am worried about the growing number of harmful bacteria in my mouth.

-I am concerned about the antibacterial action in the oral cavity.
-I want to protect my body from external harmful environments.
-It is sensitive to harmful urban environments such as smoke.
-I want to protect my body from the changing season and the external environment.
-It is sensitive to external environment such as changing season and yellow sand.
-I am worried about the harmful bacteria in my mouth that increase with age.
-I want to keep my health during the season.

[How to take]
Take 2 capsules once a day, once a day with enough water.

Cheong Kwan Jang Alpha Project
Eye Health 500mg x 90 Capsules

Improvement of eye health, eye fatigue, and dry eyes of modern people at once!

* Contains marigold flower extract (lutein)
*Contains a large amount of chlorophyll in hematococcus
*Contains Omega 3
*Vitamin A + Cassia tora extract + bilberry + blueberry

[Recommended for these people.]

-I play TV, computer, and smartphone every day.

-My eyes are tired from working for a long time.
-My eyes are tired from reading and studying.
-Due to aging, the eyes become dim and blurry, making it uncomfortable.
-The eyes are dry and stiff.
-Frequent driving, night driving.
-There is a lot of exposure to strong ultraviolet rays such as golf and marathon.
-I want clear and healthy eyes.
-As I get older, I worry about my eye health.

[How to take]
Once a day, take 3 capsules at a time with enough water.

Cheong Kwan-Jang Alpha Project
Sleep Health 750mg x 120caps

Sleep health and stress relief at once!

Sleep health for a healthy sleep rhythm

*Contains rice bran alcohol extract (rice bran extract)
*Contains lactium (milk protein hydrolyzate)-It can help relieve tension caused by stress.
*Contains vitamin B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and selenium
*Contains L-tryptophan and magnesium as auxiliary ingredients

[Recommended for these people.]

-Absolute sleep time is insufficient.
-I am not happy even when I wake up.
-I am affected by sleep due to frequent trips and business trips.
-Tired of accumulated stress and fatigue.

[How to take]
Once a day, take 4 tablets at a time with enough water.

Cheong Kwan Jang Alpha Project
Intestinal Health 500mg x 60 Capsules

Sensitive bowel health and normal immune function at once!

Complex geogang functional food that can take care of normal immune function as well as proliferation of beneficial bacteria
and suppression of harmful bacteria for the health of the intestines sensitive to stress and tension!

* 10 kinds of probiotics (gugun, lactobacillus, bifidus, kimchi lactobacillus) containing 10 billion,
patented coating to deliver to the intestines.

*Contains zinc
* Sub-materials: Contains fructooligosaccharide,
maltodextrin, galactooligosaccharide, and chicory inulin

[Recommended for these people.]
-Enjoy western food such as instant food, meat, and noodles.
-The intestines are sensitive due to excessive stress and overwork.
-The inside is bloated.
-The bowel movement is not smooth.
-High intake of spicy and irritating foods
-I am worried about harmful bacteria in the intestines as I get older.
-I am worried about my gut health due to weakened intestinal function.
-Normal immune function is required.

[How to take]
Take 2 tablets once a day and once with enough water.

Cheong Kwan Jang Alpha Project
Blood Circulation Health 500mg x 60 Capsules

Improve blood neutral lipids and blood circulation at once!
Complex health functional food that can be taken at once to improve blood circulation,
improve neutral lipids, and improve memory for the smooth circulation of modern people

*Contains Omega 3
*Contains ginkgo leaf extract
* Sub-materials: Flavonol glycosides, coenzyme Q10, L-arginine, grape seed extract, and vitamin E contained.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Meat intake, there are many places for dinner.

-I am worried about blood circulation as I get older.
-Blood vessel health care is necessary according to aging.
-It seems that my memory has started to blink.
-I want to improve the level of triglycerides in the blood.
-It is necessary to improve blood circulation and memory.
-Smooth blood circulation is required.
-I am worried about blood circulation due to aging.
-Smooth metabolism is required by improving blood circulation.

[How to take]
Take 2 capsules once a day, once a day with enough water.