[Charmzone] Vital Energy Green Grape (45g x 5P) x 2Box/ 12 kinds of vitamins minerals amino acids

Vital Energy Green Grape 45g x 5 Pouches

A must-have for various high-intensity leisure and sports enthusiasts
*Continuous improvement of athletic ability
*Provides vitality & condition
*Provide symbol & convenience
-Three kinds of carbohydrates for continuous energy supply
-Applying vitamins and minerals for metabolism and muscle metabolism during exercise (12 types in total)
-High capacity product of 45g per bag for endurance exercise
-Provides fast absorption rate of liquid formulation with excellent throat
-12 kinds of amino acids applied to improve and maintain condition during exercise
-Rich taste and aroma through the application of real green grape concentrate.

[Recommended for such people.]
-Those who are engaged in continuous activities such as climbing, running, cycling, golf, and long distance driving
-Those who want energy products that can be consumed quickly and easily.
-Those who lack sugar in the lazy afternoon or lack of concentration
-Those who require concentration, such as late work, study, and activities
-Those who need to recover their condition after drinking
Intake Method: Take it 15 minutes before exercise. Take 1 packet every 40 minutes.