[Charmzone] Royal Jelly Pill Premium (2g X 30 bags)

[Charmzone] Royal Jelly Pill Premium (2GX30 bags)

One day for vitality and health!
* Royal Jelly's unique sourness NO!
It is a pill type, so it is easy to pass the throat and can be consumed comfortably without the sourness peculiar to royal jelly.
* Individual packaging anytime, anywhere!
*To strengthen basic immunity, 7 kinds of auxiliary ingredients are meticulously selected and blended (pork potato powder, oga skin powder, mulberry powder, turmeric powder, bokryeong powder, lotus seed powder, wang derm bark powder)
[Recommended for these people.]
-My parents in need of vitality
-Frequent overtime, exhausted office workers
-Students chased for school
-Our children are growing up for a long time.

Intake Method: Once a day, take 1 packet with enough water.