[Chamjungyard ]99 RED Bellflower Grain Syrup 15g x 30EA

99 Red Bellflower Grain Syrup Stick
15g x 30 Packs

Steamed 9 times and dried 9 times and put it with care.
-Make it into a highland 4-year-old yakdo lodge.
-It is made of red bellflower that has been naturally aged for more than 6 months by
Steamed 9 times and dried 9 times so that the useful ingredients of Bellflower do not escape by low temperature aging.
-Use directly grown malt. Pesticide-free, additive-free polysaccharides.
-Added low-temperature steamed green beans
-Made with salvia plebeia.
-Made with a snake gourd.
Raw materials and content:
Herbal content ratio: Hong Doraji 65%, Small Beans 13%, Gombo Cabbage 11%,
Others 11% (Loofah, Ginger, Pear, Jujube, Yugeun Peel, Licorice) Basic Jocheong (Rice 75%, Malt Oil 25%)