(Chamhansam) 6-year-old black ginseng extract premium 70ml x 30Pouch

6-year-old black ginseng extract premium
70ml x 30EA

Black ginseng extract premium, steamed and dried nine times with care
It increases the absorption rate in the body and increases the effective saponin RG3, which is difficult to find in ginseng, by 20 times!
It is a product made by blending Korean herbal medicines.
This product is recommended for those who are new to black ginseng with a mild taste.
Raw material name and content: 6-year-old black ginseng extract (solid content 2%, irradiation phonin 7mg/g, domestic 100%) 20%, mixed extract (dermis (Korean) 20%, Galgeun (Korean) 20%, Ogapi (Korean) 20%) ,Gujeolcho (Korean) 15%, Sukjihwang (Korean), Injin (Korean), Changchul (Korean), Youngji (Korean), Oligosaccharide, Grapefruit Seed Extract)
Recommended intake: Take 1 to 2 times a day, 1 packet per time. Children eat 1/2 of the intake.