[Chamdeun] I-YUMMY Real Elderberry Syrup 250ml x1Bottle Loofah Syrup Seasonal Health Care


I-YUMMY Real Elderberry Syrup 250ml 

*What if I'm worried about my child's health during the season?
*For our family when the cold wind blows!
Charmden's efforts that contain the grievances of mothers who are concerned about children
who are vulnerable to changes in the weather are the same!

-Healthy with the golden ratio of elderberry and good ingredients!
-Delicious with organic loofah cucumber fermented liquid grown directly!
-Safe with unpurified water, no additives, and no synthetic flavors!
-Use a safe brown bottle that is effective for shading and easy to store!
-A measuring cup is included so you can drink as much as you want.

Elderberry for the whole family syrup!

-A child who lacks basic physical strength
-Children who need healthy snacks
-Children who have a lot of outdoor activities in cold weather
-My mom is tired of parenting and housework
-My dad in need of health promotion

[How to eat more deliciously and healthily]

-Intake after meals 1~3 times a day, 10ml of undiluted solution once
-Intake after diluting cold/hot water in a ratio of 1:3 in 20 ml of undiluted solution
-Mix with white milk and consume as elderberry milk
-Mix with plain yogurt and eat as sweet and sour elderberry yogurt
-Intake as salad dressing with lettuce and cherry tomatoes
-Vanilla ice cream to elderberry ice cream
* It is recommended to take it from infants over 12 months old.
[After birth ~8 years old]: Take 2~3 times a day, 5ml at a time.
[After 9 years old]: Take 2~3 times a day, 10ml at a time.
If it feels too sweet, dilute it three times or more in cold water or milk.
It is important to feed your child consistently according to their preferred intake method.