[Cham Da Han] Korean Red Ginseng -Again Women Red Ginseng Stick Extract For Menopausal Women 12g x30


[Cham Da Han]

Real red ginseng,
'Again, Women' Red Ginseng stick extract for Menopausal Women

12ml x 30 Packets

Complex extracts such as red ginseng and white sorghum (estroge)
In addition to complex extracts such as Baeksu-o, which is the main ingredient for menopausal women,
carefully selected supplementary ingredients such as red ginseng powder,
pomegranate, Baekbongnyeong, beetle, jujube, health, and sujihwang are formulated.

- It can help with menopausal women's health.
- Can help blood flow through platelet aggregation inhibition
- Can help improve immunity
- Can help improve memory
- May help antioxidant
- Can help improve fatigue

Adults take 1 packet (12g) once a day.