Centrum For Kids 1235mg x 125caps Children Multivitamin Mineral Banana Flavor Chewable

Centrum For Kids
Children Multivitamin Mineral
1235mg x 125caps

Banana Flavor Chewable
13 vitamins and minerals for growth and development
Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Biotin, Vitamin B2, Zinc, Vitamin B1
Vitamin D 150% / Vitamin K 100% / Calcium 50mg

[I recommend to these people.]

-My child with a lot of energy consumption
-My child in the period of growth and development
-My child who needs normal immune function
-My child worried about eating and eating

[How to take]
Once a day, take 1 tablet by melting or chewing it in your mouth
Intake age: 3 to 14 years old