Celtive Power Stick 20g x 14EA (Tart Cherry + Galangal Extract) Energy Booster

Celtive Power Stick
20g x 14 Pouch

 Tart Cherry + Galangal Extract, Energy Booster
* Use of American Montmorency Tart Cherry: Rich in melatonin and anthocyanin and high in vitamins,
it is a fruit popular with modern people looking for vitality.
*Containing Galangal Extract: An ingredient that exists in a natural state in living organisms, one of 101 superfoods and is called a gem in the soil.
-No synthetic additives added (sugar, synthetic fragrance, preservative)

Intake Method:
There is no recommended intake amount, but it is recommended to take one packet per day.
It's good to eat a lot because it's delicious, but please exercise a lot.