[Celimax]Noni Energy Ampoule 30ml High Moisture Wrinkle Improvement Animation Energy Elasticity care


Celimax The Real NONI Ampoule 30ml

Noni Ampoule is a highly enriched nutritional ampoule
made with Noni fruit extract and Noni seed oil 71.77%.

* Helps improve skin elasticity

* Revitalizes dull skin

* It can relieve skin tension.

-Just open it with the auto eyedropper, the formulation comes up and
you can adjust the amount according to the intensity of the button press.

Skin supplement, essential for these people.

-Those who have weak skin and no elasticity
-Dull and dark complexion
-Those who are hard to pull because of dry skin
-Those who have fine wrinkles and have rough skin even after sleeping

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin after cleansing, evenly spread and pat lightly to absorb.

Use it like this

Dry Area Intensive Care

Intensive care can be applied to the areas around the eyes and mouth that dry easily.

Night care

Apply more at night to help your skin recover while you sleep.

Honey shine makeup

If you want to have a radiant and radiant skin, apply Noni Ampoule and apply makeup