Carol Franck Active Serum Intensive Care 125ml Elasticity /Lifting Pore convergence

Carol Franck Active Serum 125ml 

*Aloe vera leaf extract, western pepper sprout extract, witch hazel leaf number,
centella leaf extract, poppy petal extract, Provence rose flower extract.
-Immediate moisture light improvement
Helps improve skin moisturization/ Helps improve facial 5 glow/ Helps improve skin transparency (tone).
Helps to improve skin density and improves sagging eyelid lifting
-Class 2 wrinkle improvement
Helps to improve wrinkles around the eyes that have already occurred, and helps to improve nasolabial folds.
-U zone lifting
Improved sagging apple zone lifting/ Helps to improve sagging and double chin lifting/ Helps to improve sagging double chin lifting
-External stimulation/soothing
Skin hypoallergenic test completed