Care Cella Bubble TocToc Serum 120ml WhiteningWrinkle ImprovementSkin RejuvenationElasticity

Care Cella Bubble TocToc Serum 120ml

Whitening, wrinkle improvement,
skin rejuvenation, skin elasticity enhancing serum

Functional whitening wrinkle essence
* Whitening functionality
*Wrinkle improvement functionality
*Volufiline, Dolphin Phyto Placenta Extract, Contains
*Micro bubble effect
*Contains 5 complex peptide components
*Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and ginsenosides
*Ceramide (Glucosyl Ceramide, Phospholipid, Cholesterol), Shea Butter

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and gently apply it to the entire face and neck around the eyes, mouth, and wrinkles along the skin texture.
(* If you rub repeatedly several times from the beginning, do not create a microbubble.
If a microbubble occurs, tap lightly for absorption.
Massage gently for 1-2 minutes to finish.