[PapaMade] Vent Clip Air freshener, Deodorant for Car, Bike, Motorcycle, etc.


[Features of Product]

  • A true deodorization is not just covering or capturing stink smell inside like most of existing products, but Papamade is decomposing only harmful element.
  • Papamade is a unique inorganic bonding structure in which positive charge and negative charge pulls harmful or odorous particles in the air through air convection, reacts to the harmful substance converted to harmless substance, and then return to the air
  • Odor removal / 99.9% antibacterial effect / 6 months life cycle / 0% harmful substances
  • Able to use not only for Car interior, but Refrigerator or other sealed space with odor existing
  • VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) and Ethanol are not used at all. Made of 100% pure mineral


[Product Composition]

The product is contained 2EA as a set. One is with clip / the other one is without clip


[Guideline for Use]

This product is mainly used as car purifier or deodorization purpose.

The following is the simple guideline of use.

- Small or Medium car: install one piece(with clip) to the ventilation / the other one piece is underneath assistant seat 

- Van or Larger car: install two pieces(with clip) to the ventilation / the other two pieces are underneath seats.