Candy Girl My Beads Jewelry Tree Set beads accessories

Candy Girl
My Beads Jewelry Tree Set

It is a bead art toy that can be stored by separating a total of 3 beads storage boxes and
hanging the finished beads accessories on a tree-shaped holder.
*Pick the ears! Make pretty earrings!
*3 beads storage box, 1600 beads are included.
*9 stickers: 3 pieces of decorative stickers that can be decorated with beads or guichi, each containing 3 pieces.
*Various strings: urethane, rubber bands, yarns, ribbons- You can make bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. freely with strings of various materials
*Pendant: Decorate the point with pendants such as unicorns, stars, and shoes.
* The color of the lid and bottom plate of My Beads jewelry Retrieval box will be randomly sent