Bukseorak Red bellflower Gel 25ml x 60EA Bellflower Extract/Bellflower + Pear Juice

Bukseorak Red bellflower Gel 25ml x 60EA 

Fast absorption and soft red bellflower and pear juice concentrate
The active ingredient doubles, improves the unique bitterness and sourness of bellflowers,
and can easily enjoy even small children with weak stomach due to increased sweetness.

What is Red bellflower?

Red bellflower is made by steaming raw bellflower four times and drying it four times.
Red bellflower gel made with only domestic bellflowers and pears!

*40% bellflower, 60% pear
A high-purity product obtained by concentrating
only the essence of 3-year-old bellflower and pear as it is.

*15% solid content
Hongdorajicheong contains 15% solids, which means the remaining solid mass after evaporation of moisture.

*Fast absorption rate
Extracted and concentrated by a low-temperature method,
it contains the active ingredients of bellflower in a balanced manner, and the absorption rate is fast.

*Soft sweet taste
It improves the unique bitterness and sourness and has a soft taste without any taste.

*4 No additives
No artificial coloring, no preservatives, no sugar, no herbal medicine